2021 Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study (FAMOUS) Release October 21st, 2021

| Press Release

Erdos & Morgan is proud to announce the release date of the Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study (FAMOUS). The 2021 study will be released on Thursday, October 21st, 2021.

Since its inception in 2013, FAMOUS has provided in depth insights and actionable information about Financial Advisor’s impressions regarding fund families and the media they consume that helps to form those impressions.

The study consists of three main sections. The first section is devoted to building a profile of the FAs. This profile includes information such as the type of organization where they are employed, job title, AUM, years in the industry and if they work in a team structure or independently. Basic demographic information such as age, gender and geographic information is also included. 

The second section is devoted to their investment strategies, views of different fund families and their actual recommendations. There is also information regarding which ETFs are used/recommended.

The third section is dedicated to media consumption. Media included is print, broadcast, social and digital. Digital media includes use via APPs/Mobile devices and home and/or office computers. Recently added to the digital media section are e-Newsletters and Podcasts. 

Clients can use the profile section to define the exact type of FA they are interested in reaching. Once defined, clients can evaluate the best ways to impact and influence their key audiences. This can be done  by targeting the most impactful media brands their key audience is engaged with.  

The study is also used by advertising agencies to develop the most efficient media plans and by media companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their media brand(s). 

About Erdos & Morgan

Erdos & Morgan is a leader in financial media market research, offering a wide range of full-service custom market research capabilities and syndicated research. Founded in 1947 by Dr. Paul L. Erdos and Arthur J. Morgan, our 70 plus years of experience have provided us with unparalleled familiarity with the types of questions and analyses available in the marketplace today. 

Erdos & Morgan has developed a proprietary panel of Financial Advisors that can be used for custom research projects. Other key audiences for custom research that Erdos & Morgan specializes in include High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), C-Suite Executives and Political “Insiders”. 

Custom research includes subscriber, readership/editorial, circulation, direct marketing, panels, product research, concept/ad testing, sales and market positioning, customer satisfaction, corporate image/perception, and tracking studies. 

Erdos & Morgan, a subsidiary of Beta Research Corporation, is certified as a women’s business enterprise through Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). As a member of the Insights Association, we currently adhere to its privacy standards. For further information regarding the  Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study or Erdos & Morgan, please contact David March at dmarch@erdosmorgan.com or 201-236-0469.