Erdos & Morgan Releases 2014 Professional Investment Community Study

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Erdos & Morgan released the latest edition of the Professional Investment Community Study. The sample for the 2014 edition of this study was comprised of buy-side universe individuals, in US firms with a minimum of $100 million (U.S. $) under management, serving one of the following functions: Analyst, Chief Investment Officer, Director of Research, Head of Trading or Portfolio Manager.

Erdos & Morgan has been conducting the Professional Investment Community Study biennially since 1987. The study gauges investment styles and attitudes among buy side analysts. The study also looks to measure media usage of those analysts. This enables clients to concentrate on the most effective media for reaching analyst involved in certain types of activities.

The following infographic illustrates some of the findings from the study:

professional investment community

For the 2014 study, a few modifications were made to enhance the study. Due to the ever-changing nature and expansion of digital media coupled with the contraction of print media, a decision was made to concentrate on the domestic market only. This enabled the study to strengthen the coverage of mobile media and the use of apps while providing greater feedback regarding the digital evolution we are experiencing. The 2014 study includes measurements for print publications, websites, mobile media, social media and broadcast media.

Print publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, (Bloomberg) BusinessWeek and The New York Times continue to have the strongest average issue readership. The websites from these same companies such as,, and were also among the top 10 sites in the United States. Websites such as Seeking Alpha, and Yahoo! Finance were also among the top rated sites as measured by unique monthly visitors. CNBC was also the most viewed network followed by ESPN.

This study has been measuring social media for 6 years. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all showed growth based upon the previous study. While most Facebook users did so for personal reasons, one in five also did so for professional reasons. However, LinkedIn was used by more than any other social media platform for professional reasons.

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