4A’s Research Insights: B2B Purchase Influencers and Opinion Leaders

| Press Release

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) is committed to collecting and disseminating information and ideas that affect advertising agencies, marketing firms and other media outlets.

The 4A’s recently asked Erdos & Morgan to submit a Research Insights report, entitled B2B Purchase Influencers and Opinion Leaders, to help their members better understand new and emerging trends among those that influence or make B2B purchases.

The 4A’s requested this report for its member agencies because it recognizes the importance, need and uses for this information. Erdos & Morgan was chosen to author the paper due to its extensive experience in the field of business-to-business research.

The report includes insights from Erdos & Morgan’s Opinion Leaders and Purchase Influence in American Business studies.

Erdos & Morgan also conducts custom research studies including subscriber, market, editorial, panel, tracking and others.

For more information about Erdos & Morgan’s syndicated studies or custom research, please contact David March at (201) 236-0469 or david@erdosmorgan.com.