Utilize Erdos & Morgan’s Reader Studies Now To Help Support Ad Sales Efforts This Fall

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Document the Buying Power of Your Audience:

  • Past, current and future expenditures
  • Growth within selected product categories
  • Why your readers are embracing certain types of products
  • What makes your readers valuable to marketers

Demonstrate Unique Positions:

  • Influential Readership – Influencing the purchasing habits of others
  • Active participation in social or business events
  • Early adopters of technologies and products
  • Strong readership versus competitors
  • Exclusive impressions about your publication … authoritativeness, quality, practicality, etc.

Compile Demographic Profiles

Discover How Your Market is Changing:

  • Take full advantage of opportunities brought about by the changing market
  • Strengthen your marketing position to reflect where your customers are headed

Take the Offensive:

  • Support strategic decisions with independent data
  • Augment syndicated research data
  • Generate independent data that helps to separate you within your competitive set