4A’s Research Insights: B2B Purchase Influencers and Opinion Leaders

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The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) is committed to collecting and disseminating information and ideas that affect advertising agencies, marketing firms and other media outlets. The 4A’s recently asked Erdos & Morgan to submit a Research Insights report, entitled B2B Purchase Influencers and Opinion Leaders, to help their members better understand new and emerging… Continue reading

Utilize Erdos & Morgan’s Reader Studies Now To Help Support Ad Sales Efforts This Fall

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Document the Buying Power of Your Audience: Past, current and future expenditures Growth within selected product categories Why your readers are embracing certain types of products What makes your readers valuable to marketers Demonstrate Unique Positions: Influential Readership – Influencing the purchasing habits of others Active participation in social or business events Early adopters of… Continue reading