Wealth Management & Investors

Few things are more complicated than wealth management in the volatile financial markets – and it is certainly no easy task to get inside the heads of those investing and those advising. There is a unique relationship between investors and their advisors. Most investors share personnel details with their advisors that might be reluctant to share with friends or family.  Erdos & Morgan understands how to speak to investors and financial advisors. This has enabled us to provide exceptional insights into investors and those that advise them

Financial Advisors

Erdos & Morgan has been surveying the financial community for over four decades. In 2013, we launched the Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study (FAMOUS). This insightfully study provides in depth insights and actionable information about Financial Advisor’s impressions regarding fund families and the media they consume that helps to form those impressions.

We have also developed a panel of Financial Advisors that have agreed to partake in custom research project. This panel is used for both qualitative and quantitative research. Having our own panel of Financial Advisors allows for rapid turn-around and cost savings for custom research. For more information about our panel of Financial Advisors click here.

Our annual Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study (FAMOUS) is the only source for how key advisors around the U.S.:

  • Perceive specific financial institutions
  • Engage with media platforms
  • Use specific media brands

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