Key Personnel

Jason Gorelkin

In August 2019, Erdos & Morgan suffered the tragic and unexpected loss of Jason Gorelkin. He was a dynamic and visionary leader who will be sorely missed.

Jason's role as Erdos & Morgan's CEO is to drive the innovation that keeps the firm's studies at the top of the must-have list for their impacted industries. Working with Erdos & Morgan's leadership team, he has introduced several advancements in recent years. These include broadening samples to include digital information, doubling the frequency of many studies to provide clients with fresher information, working with smaller segments to increase reliability, and deepening back-end data mining and analysis.

In addition to heading Erdos & Morgan's executive leadership, Jason is also COO of parent company Beta Research. In various positions at Beta, Jason has overseen the firm's adoption of new technologies and approaches, and expansion to serve new industries. His previous experience includes working as an Industrial Engineer for UPS's Overnight Transportation Company. Jason served on the board of the Media Research Directors Association for four years, including a term as president.

Jason holds a B.S. in industrial engineering and economics from Pennsylvania State University. In his free time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, watching documentaries, spending time with his family, traveling, sports, theater and listening to music.

  • At Erdos & Morgan since: 1996
  • Key areas of expertise: Online Research, Technology in Research, Media