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The foundation of successful research is reaching the right audience. For both advertisers and media companies, this can be an incredibly difficult undertaking.  Although it’s not so hard to identify the people you want to reach, it can be a real challenge to get past the gatekeepers and have meaningful conversations.

Erdos & Morgan has been trusted by business leaders, financial experts and policy makers since our founding.  We maintain relationships with these groups and have an exclusive database of financial advisors. We routinely get all these groups to respond to us with insights and opinions that matter to our clients.

Our studies can help you understand how your audience relates to your product, including:

  • How they perceive your brand
  • Which media sources shape their thinking – and how
  • Why some advertising campaigns have impact and others don’t

We provide research that helps some of the best-known media companies and advertisers gain deeper understanding of their audiences.

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