Media Market Research

Media market research has been the dominant focus of Erdos & Morgan for nearly 75 years.

We know how to define what you are looking for and design a media market research study to meet your needs. Methodologies most often used include online and mail for quantitative studies, as well as focus groups and one-on-one interviews virtually or in-person. 

Market Research Process

We design and conduct media market research studies that are used by the sales and marketing teams of our clients to help generate revenue for their company. Our clients’ editorial teams use our studies to identify the needs and wants of their readers, viewers, and subscribers. We help to ensure that the editorial team delivers the most sought after content in the most desirable format.  

Erdos & Morgan has a specific audience focus for most of the advertising research and subscriber/readership studies we conduct. We concentrate on Financial Advisor market research, Opinion Leader market research, Senior Level Executive/C-Suite market research, Influencer market research and High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) market research.

Upon the competition of the field work, Erdos & Morgan works with you in order to provide data in the format you prefer. Most clients request an analysis and a report of the findings. Other clients prefer to do their own analysis and prepare their own report. Whatever your preference, Erdos & Morgan can help.

Our Experience

Dr. Paul Erdos and Arthur Morgan founded the company in 1947 with an emphasis on media market research and dove deeply into the nuances that make a critical difference between merely gathering information vs. accumulating actionable data.  Erdos & Morgan became part of the Beta Research Corporation family in 1987 and has continued to deliver information that media experts depend upon. Every senior staff member at Erdos & Morgan has over twenty-five years of expertise in various forms of market research.  Let us put that experience to work for you.