Richard A. Powers

Richard A. Powers

These days it’s easy for people to think they can find everything on the Internet, but that information usually doesn’t even scratch the surface. Our work helps clients get behind the obvious – even the numbers – so they can tell their stories more effectively.

As Erdos & Morgan’s President, Rich is a driving force behind the firm’s industry-leading syndicated research. He is expert in the kinds of “back end” functions that make a difference in a study’s thoroughness and ultimate utility. He is particularly adept at identifying thought leaders in a given area and in working with a variety of databases to build solid samples. He relishes the challenge of learning new things and different ways to approach problems, even after three decades in the business.

Rich’s career in research began in the 1970s with a study on TV violence that was a key element in a series of congressional hearings. In various roles at publishers, he was often responsible for developing and launching new publications. As Vice President for Sales & Marketing at Raben Publishing, a Wall Street-backed venture, he helped to launch five magazines. Earlier, at the Goldhirsch Group, he was a senior member of the team that created Inc. magazine. Rich has also held positions at The Wall Street Journal, Fawcett Magazines and Compton Advertising. Immediately prior to joining Erdos & Morgan, Rich was Vice President for Sales & Marketing at parent company, Beta Research.

Rich’s favorite leisure time activities are sports and gardening. He and his wife live in the Boston area and have three grown children.

  • At Erdos & Morgan since: 1994
  • Key areas of expertise: Syndicated research, sample vetting and selection, identification of industry leaders, media.

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