Paul Erdos was in love with numbers and intrigued by the secrets they could reveal. This drove his work as a prominent academic mathematician. It also led him to co-found Erdos & Morgan in 1947, when the idea of market research was just being born. From the beginning, Erdos and his partner, Arthur C. Morgan, focused on select areas and dove deeply into the nuances that make a critical difference between gathering mere information or accumulating actionable data. Erdos & Morgan consistently strove to hone the best possible methodologies to deliver data that could have real bottom line impact for their clients. In the early days – and for over three decades afterwards – the best way to obtain actionable data was through mailed surveys. Dr. Erdos developed unparalleled expertise in this area and in 1970, published the first edition of Professional Mail Surveys, which is still considered the definitive resource guide on the subject.

Erdos & Morgan has evolved with the times, producing syndicated studies with a wide range of applications, in addition to custom research. Our arsenal of methodologies has grown from the essential three – mail, telephone and in-person interviews – to a whole host of technology-enabled approaches. Erdos & Morgan became part of the Beta Research family in 1987 and has continued to deliver data that media experts depend upon.